Roles: The Time of Your Life

Roles for The Time of Your Life by William Saroyan, directed by Don Rice

Joe (20 to 35) – A young loafer with a good heart
Tom (18 to 30) – Joe’s admirer, errand boy, stooge and friend, in Love with Kitty
Kitty (18 to 30) – A young hooker with memories
Nick (30 to 50) – Owner of Nick’s Pacific Street Saloon
Arab (any age) – A Middle Eastern philosopher
Kit Carson (50 to 65) – An old Indian Fighter and story teller
McCarthy (25 to 35) – An intelligent and well-read longshoreman
Krupp (25 to 35) – A waterfront cop who hates his job
Harry (18 to 25)- A hoofer/comedian who is not funny
Wesley (Any age) – An African American man who plays a hot rag time piano
Dudley (20 to 30) – A young man in love
Elsie (20 to 30) – A young nurse, the girl Dudley loves
Lorene (20 to 40) – An unattractive woman
Mary L (20 to 30) – An unhappy woman of quality and beauty
Blick (35 to 60) – A detective and a heel, needs killin’

Ensemble (People who come in and out of the bar, will be double cast)

Willie – a marble-game maniac
Ma – Nick’s mother
Anna – Nick’s daughter
Killer – A hooker
Nancy – Her sidekick
A Cop
A Sailor
A Society Gentleman
A Society Lady
A Drunkard
A Newsboy