Roles: The Time of Your Life

Roles for The Time of Your Life by William Saroyan, directed by Don Rice

Joe (20 to 35) – A young loafer with a good heart
Tom (18 to 30) – Joe’s admirer, errand boy, stooge and friend, in Love with Kitty
Kitty (18 to 30) – A young hooker with memories
Nick (30 to 50) – Owner of Nick’s Pacific Street Saloon
Arab (any age) – A Middle Eastern philosopher
Kit Carson (50 to 65) – An old Indian Fighter and story teller
McCarthy (25 to 35) – An intelligent and well-read longshoreman
Krupp (25 to 35) – A waterfront cop who hates his job
Harry (18 to 25)- A hoofer/comedian who is not funny
Wesley (Any age) – An African American man who plays a hot rag time piano
Dudley (20 to 30) – A young man in love
Elsie (20 to 30) – A young nurse, the girl Dudley loves
Lorene (20 to 40) – An unattractive woman
Mary L (20 to 30) – An unhappy woman of quality and beauty
Blick (35 to 60) – A detective and a heel, needs killin’

Ensemble (People who come in and out of the bar, will be double cast)

Willie – a marble-game maniac
Ma – Nick’s mother
Anna – Nick’s daughter
Killer – A hooker
Nancy – Her sidekick
A Cop
A Sailor
A Society Gentleman
A Society Lady
A Drunkard
A Newsboy

2016 Season Announcement #3

‘Much Ado About Nothing’ by William Shakespeare (August 11-20, Spectrum Theater Main Stage)

In this modern telling of a classic comedy, a prince and his companions visit the estate of an old friend, leading to plans of love, a war of wits, and a scheme by the Prince’s conniving brother to bring about the downfall of all. HTG co-founder, Keith Oberfeld, will be directing this wonderful play.

2016 Season Announcement #2

‘The Good Doctor’ by Neil Simon and Anton Chekhov (July 28-August 6, Spectrum Theater Black Box)

Comprised of ten short scenes, ‘The Good Doctor’ is loosely based on Anton Chekhov’s plays and short stories, and narrated by the man himself! This delightful comedy will be directed by HTG’s Managing Director, Krista Pennington.

2016 Season Announcement #1

‘The Time of Your Life’ by William Saroyan (July 14-23, Spectrum Theater Main Stage)

Set in 1939 San Francisco, ‘The Time of Your Life’ welcomes us into Nick’s Pacific Street Saloon, an island of respite in a chaotic world. Its patrons don’t have much, but together they find opportunities for redemption, recovery, and friendship. This Pulitzer Prize winning work will be directed by HTG’s Artistic Director, Don Rice.